YERB, The "Good Shit" coin

A cannabis inspired CPU mineable, ASIC and FPGA resistant (currently meme status) cryptocurrency organically grown on the interweb

A brief synopsis about us

The mission of Yerbas is to commingle the Cryptocurrency and Cannabis communities by providing an easy to use reward and payment system benefiting traders, consumers, artists, merchants and industry providers

The Yerbas blockchain uses the CPU mineable GhostRider algorithm for it's PoW consensus mechanism. It was built to discourage specialty hardware such as ASIC & FPGA enabling anybody to competitively mine and increase overall decentralization

We endure to succeed where others have failed by first realizing we are not going to replace fiat any time soon, therefore, our main goal of the blockchain is to simply offer rewards and incentives for all aspects of the Crypto-abis culture, from farm to fork

Some info about the coin

Fair launch - No premine - No ICO
Total Supply - 420 million
ASIC & FPGA resistant GhostRider algorithm
51% / double spend protection
2 minute block time using Dark Gravity Wave Difficulty Adjustment
Reward distribution: 75%miner - 20%Smartnode - 5%Development fee
Custom block reduction schedule and tiered Smartnode collateral

Road Trip Map

May 2022

Generate genesis block and establish a Canna-chain

Germinate social media community

June 2022

Confirm wallets and smartnodes are functioning appropriately and chain is super secure

Basic White Paper

Wallets for Win Linux and Mac OS

July 2022

Apply for exchange listings


Begin marketing and increase awareness


Meet with local vendors and providers to begin the rewards campaign!


Establish a marketplace for goods and services


Integrate Yerbas to be used as direct payments for goods and services


Charts and Watchers

Our Amigos

Stop by and say high